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Our Mission is Your Success

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an effective solution to the #1 problem faced by mid-market B2B Sales & Marketing teams – efficient revenue growth.

Our method is focused specifically on engagement; engaging with specific accounts that are typically higher than average expected contract value.

We strike right at the heart of the problem, by working with our clients to identify these specific accounts and the decision makers involved.  We then develop a survey that asks impactful sales qualification and discovery questions that once answered put our clients in a position to succeed.

We guarantee responses to our surveys, thereby providing not only high value qualified leads to our client’s Sales teams, but sales intelligence straight from the source.

Survey data is then transformed into compelling content and analysis that drives high Sales and Marketing response rates and engagement from target accounts as the data is highly relevant to them and their competitors – creating value for all parties involved.

Internally, we judge our effectiveness by creating meaningful conversations with our clients’ target accounts, sales opportunities, and closed won new business.  We feel confident that our unique, direct, and straightforward method for creating pipeline and sales speaks for itself.  We invite you to contact us to discuss a solution to your unique client engagement challenges.




Matt Scott | Survey Motion

Tom Eaton

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Scott | Survey Motion

Matt Scott

COO & Co-Founder